Private Guardianship

 A Private Guardian is a person who is lawfully invested with the power and duty of taking care of an individual and/or the individual’s property. This occurs when a request for guardianship is made and it is determined that a person is not capable of administrating his/her own affairs. A Private Guardian’s services are utilized when there is no family, family members are ill, or out of the area, elderly, or there are other circumstances that prevent their effective performance as guardian. 


Certified Guardian Services

    $90 per hr

Services included visits, attendance at appointments, arranging for and monitoring daily support services

Monthly Administration Fee

$150 per month



Conservator Services

    $90 per hr

Receive and pay bills, management of assets and estate

Monthly Administration fee

$150 per month



Trust Executor Services

    $90 per hr

Management of Special Needs Trusts

Monthly Administrative Fee

$150 per month